And the winner is ....

... Salt & Silver, Hamburg. Congratulations!

Bang Bang, Brox, GOOD BANK, Mexiko Strasse and 's Handwerk and Salt & Silver – the six extraordinary gastronomic concepts in the final of the Gastro Startup 2017 competition. The five finalists stood out among the many exciting entries and impressed the prestigious jury, made up of supervisory board and executive council members of the Leaders Club as well as selected industry representatives. For the sixth spot, the jury awarded a wild card.

They presented their culinary concepts on Friday, March 17, 2017, 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. live at INTERNORGA (East Foyer, upper floor). 

The Japanese art of clean cookery meets the fiery cuisine of South America. Hamburg locals Fabio Haebel and Marcus Mohr serve up a perfectly balanced fusion of the best of both worlds in their restaurant Bang Bang. Chia pudding with blueberries and honey, Eggs Benedict kimchi style or huevos rancheros – the breakfast menu is creative, extensive and reads like a journey from Japan to Peru. The lunch menu includes a variety of ramen soups, and the evenings see Bang Bang offering up traditional dishes such as omakase sushi and the very best of Nikkei cuisine.   

‘Our ancestors just instinctively knew that a proper broth does a body really good,’ – Berlin locals Kaspar Knops and Kin-Woo Bae bring a true home-style superfood elixir to the market with Brox. The key component of their organic bone broth are collagens, said to have many positive properties: anti-inflammatory, strengthening for connective tissue and good for skin and hair. In addition to the health aspect, the founders are doing their part for sustainable consumption – Knops and Bae turn bones into delicious broths instead of waste. Brox is already available in glass jars in various organic supermarkets and delis. 

What if your favourite salad was grown just 30 seconds away from your plate? Radically fresh and full of vitamins – GOOD BANK makes it a reality. The Berlin food lab combines the advantages of modern farming technologies with brilliant food. The salad for their signature dish is grown 100 per cent in the restaurants, in modular, hydroponic vertical farms. The other ingredients are as local and seasonal as possible: ‘It is possible to unite great food, innovation and a sustainable attitude – that is the future of food and this is our mission,’ said founders Ema Paulin and Leandro Vergani of their concept.

Mexico – coming soon to the heart of St. Pauli. These young restaurateurs are tempting guests with the traditional cuisine of the Aztecs in the new taqueria Mexiko Strasse. The founders are cut from the same cloth, having learned their craft together at the prestigious Centro Culinario  Ambrosia cooking school in Mexico. Award-winning virtuoso chefs prepare dishes typical of the country. The tacos, delicious and gluten-free tortilla pockets, filled with suckling pork, venison haunch, chicken, turkey, fish or seafood are just some of the staple delights you can expect at Mexiko Strasse. 

‘Real craft has always been sustainable,’ – Uli Brandl had the idea of creating a restaurant serving real food made by real, honest food artisans about three years ago. 's Handwerk, in Sonthofen, Bavaria, is a marketplace for the craft and a restaurant that serves delicious regional goodies, true to their philosophy of craft food and beer. Freshly baked bread, ‘hay milk’ ice cream or home-brewed craft beer – the concept is all about hand-made food, rural production and independent, individual products directly from the producer.

Impressions finalists 2017

Building on its great premiere last year, the gastro start-up competition with Tim Mälzer goes into the next round

Foyer East, UF

Following its convincing performance at the 2016 event, the Gastro Startup Competition by INTERNORGA and the Leaders Club is ready for the next round.

Once again, TV chef and food expert Tim Mälzer will be there.

“The Gastro Startup Competition at INTERNORGA was a positive surprise for me – with exciting concepts and lots of really good ideas. A perfect showcase for young restaurant operators to present themselves. It’s a must for me again in 2017"

Tim Mälzer