Visitor survey for 2016.

With around 95,000 visitors from 41 countries, INTERNORGA was once again the leading and largest trade fair for the out-of-home market in 2016. This can be seen in the excellent visitor satisfaction level of 99% and a fantastic recommendation rate of 91%.

Every year, INTERNORGA continues to generate new interest and potential business partners: a good 30% of visitors attended for the first time in 2016. Impressively, the scope of appeal of INTERNORGA has continued to expand, both in Germany and internationally. Almost 40% of trade visitors travelled more than 300 kilometres to be there.

As an exhibitor, you can reach companies of various sizes at INTERNORGA (55% with fewer than 50 employees, 20% with 50 to 199 employees and 25% with 200 or more employees). Such as diverse target audience presents a wide range of opportunities.


Exhibitor results for 2016.

The results could not be better. INTERNORGA scores especially well in the ultimate purpose of trade fairs, ensuring that 91% of all exhibitors were able to attract new customers. To add to the excitement, 95% expect positive follow-up business. Furthermore, 90% of all exhibitors consider INTERNORGA to be the most important gastronomy trade fair in Germany. Highly satisfied exhibitors and excellent results in the exhibitor and visitor surveys reflect the significance of INTERNORGA.

"For us, INTERNORGA is by far the most important trade fair in Germany, with particular resonance in Scandinavia. We're pleased to be able to welcome such an international audience here."

Eric Martin-Vázquez, head of international marketing and business at Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

Origin of visitors

Domestic93 %
Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein30 %
Bremen / Lower Saxony24 %
North Rhine-Westphalia18 %
other parts of Germany28 %
international7 %

Industry of visitors

restaurateurs 27,550
hoteliers 16,150
bakers and confectioners 9,500
bulk consumers and caterers 14,250
specialist dealers and planners 5,700
buyers from food retail and drinks wholesale 2,850
food-related industries (e. g. takeaways/snack bars/filling stations/food & non-food industry/butchers) 19,000

Areas of interest for visitors

food and drink79 %
equipment and fittings46 %
kitchen equipment and systems53 %
baking and confectionery supplies and store design36 %
computerised till systems and communication26 %
other areas 19 %
(Multiple responses possible)

Further impressive results:


of all visitors were satisfied


of visitors said that their
expectations were met.


of visitors are involved
in making decisions in