At a glance

Make the most of all the benefits:

  • Impressive range of new products, innovative concepts and solutions for complex processes
  • Optimal platform for contact with the industry and establishment of your own network
  • Special presentation showcase "Newcomers' Area" for innovative companies
  • Exciting supplementary conferences and special shows such as the "Hospitality Forum" and "Café Future"
  • Presentation of the INTERNORGA Future Award to specially sustainable and responsible companies which move the market forward with innovative products and intelligent technology

It's quicker to find what you are really interested in

For easy orientation, INTERNORGA is structured in clear thematic product areas:

  • Kitchen equipment and systems
  • Equipment and fittings
  • Food and beverages
  • Baking and confectionery supplies
  • IT, cash register systems and communication

Cloakroom and lockers

Cloakrooms and lockers are available in the Foyer / South Entrance, Foyer / Central Entrance and Foyer / East Entrance.

The cloakrooms are open until 19.00.

The charge payable at the cloakroom per item of clothing or luggage is EUR 1.50. Lockers are available in two different sizes, on payment of EUR 1.00 per locker.

The Cloakrooms are open one hour before the official opening hours until one hour after the official closing hours. Contents of suitcases, bags and clothes are not covered by insurance. Please check the general terms and conditions on-site.

Interactive area map

Eating and drinking

There’s something for every appetite – from small snacks to complete business meals. You can indulge in culinary treats at the Hamburg Fair site.

Overview of catering at the Fair site


International Trade Show for the Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Baking and Confectionery Industry
09 - 13 March 2018

Opening hours

Daily: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


A-halls (halls A1-A4)
B-halls (halls B1-B7)
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Central entrance (Messeplatz, hall A1)
East entrance (Hall B4)
South entrance (Hall B6)
West entrance (Lagerstraße, hall A3)