BACK Stage

Well-known from the TV series "Tortentuner" ("cake-tuners"): Thomas Horn, Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt and Frank Steidl show you just how creative the confectionery trade is.

Baker's Blue Box

Spotting the trends, taking the sales opportunities, developing new markets, and always keeping the right balance between expenditures and earnings.

Café Future

The hospitality lounge and thinking bar for professional restaurant operators. Café at INTERNORGA is a very special 5-day event.

Confectionery Art

Puts the focus on creative craft. Get inspiration from the imaginative artworks of the North German confectionery associations. 


The traditional club of the regional DEHOGA associations of Bremen, Hamburg, Lippe, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein has a new location – right in the midst of things, in Hall B4 (upper floor

Food Truck Village

Come and try the growing trend of Food Trucks, presented in cooperation with Lunch Karawane – enjoy the delicious food-to-go at the mobile canteens, from Polish delicacies to organic burgers, burritos, bánh mì and American-style pulled meat sandwiches.

Pink Cube

The Pink Cube gives inspiration, ideas and interpretations for international trends, for restaurants, bakers, butchers and hoteliers in Germany and abroad.


The SKYWALK Table will spectacularly and unconventionally showcase the products of top manufacturers.