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Participation fees in 2019

Type of standPrice* per sq. m
Row stand (1 open side)181,00 €
Corner stand (2 open sides)194,00 €
Front stand (3 open sides)199,00 €
Island stand (4 open sides)204,00 €
Open-air site108,00 €
Minimum size 12m² exhibition area
Compulsory media package per main exhibitor195,00 €
Compulsory media package per co-exhibitor195,00 €
Co-exhibitor fee per co-exhibitor495,00 €
AUMA fee per sq. m0,60 €
Special exhibition areaPrice* per package
CRAFT BEER Arena (output p.a. < 10.000 hl)1.700,00 €
CRAFT BEER Arena (output p.a. ≥ 10.000 hl)4.000,00 €
CRAFT Spirit Lounge1.100,00 €
Newcomers' Area3.100,00 €
*plus legally valid VAT