New trend drinks at INTERNORGA

Looking for the latest beverage trends? Then you can't get around the CRAFT BEER Arena and the new CRAFT SPIRIT Lounge! However, there are plenty of trend drinks to be found elsewhere at the trade show.

The success of the CRAFT SPIRIT lounge confirms that handcrafted products have a lot of potential. 18 manufacturers of high-quality specialties invite visitors to test their spirits. Among the well-known faces is Birgitta Schulze van Loon from Piekfeine Brände, who has already presented at the premiere in 2018, but there are also new exhibitors, e.g. the gin producer 4anchors from Hamburg. And this time, the CRAFT SPIRIT Lounge will be available right next to the popular CRAFT BEER arena in hall number B4.OG, where established companies will be next to young and innovative brewers, displaying the whole variety of craft beers.

Even beyond the two specialty areas, it will be worth paying close attention to potential unicorns. Lemonades with trendy new flavors and unique designs, from retro designs all the way to Matryoshka dolls, will tell their stories – and the manufacturers’ creativity has no limits! While ginger and grapefruit are often already familiar, new flavors like pine forest, tamarind, or guava are certainly beyond the imagination of most consumers. In those cases, there’s only one thing left to do:  testing them! (1082 Zeichen)