Garelli's verbal fireworks

Professor Stéphane Garelli from Lausanne University, a world authority on competitiveness and an outstanding orator, will be speaking to the audience at the 38th international Foodservice-Forum on the day before INTERNORGA.

Participants at the 38th international Foodservice-Forum can look forward to some intellectual and verbal fireworks! That’s because one of the keynote speakers at Europe’s largest conference for professional food services in 2019 is Professor Stéphane Garelli – a world authority on competitiveness, an outstanding orator and an analytical genius. Garelli rose to fame as Managing Director of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Today he is a professor lecturing at the IMD and at Lausanne University. He will be speaking on the topic of “A dynamite future – Who’ll be the winners? Who’ll be the losers? A competitiveness outlook for 2019 and beyond”.The international Foodservice-Forum has been a brain food and networking platform, and a highlight for food service professionals at INTERNORGA, for 37 years.

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