INTERNORGA: where new trend products are launched

The amount of successful product launches at INTERNORGA increases every year. Big players present their hot new products just like start-ups, who use the Newcomers Area as their platform.

INTERNORGA is the ultimate place to be for new products: that’s what established companies who regularly present their newest innovations at the trade show and start-ups with promising ideas are well aware of. The Newcomers Area was specifically designed for new businesses, serving both as a stepping-stone to success and a hotspot for the newest trends. Many young companies have presented their products for the first time in front of a large audience at the Newcomers Area and subsequently used the traction for an ongoing business success.

The company orderbird is a popular example: The manufacturer of cash systems celebrated its INTERNORGA premiere in 2012, and is now the leading vendor of iPad-based cash systems in Europe. Another successful example is Colourfood. At its premiere in 2018, the manufacturer of organic food colourings won the INTERNORGA Future Award. “In the aftermath of the trade show we received an incredible feedback, which forced us to grow rapidly. Our goal is to build upon that success”, says managing director Alexander Hautmann.


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