Veggie highlights: INTERNORGA app shows the way

The trend towards veganism is on the rise. Consequently, exhibitors display an exceptional range of plant-based innovations this year. The INTERNORGA app makes it easy to find them.


With the INTERNORGA app, which has been created in cooperation with competence partner ProVeg, visitors have easy access to all kinds of information concerning the trade show.

Besides the important highlights and schedules, the app provides an overview of the vegetarian and vegan products in the portfolio of exhibitors. This includes exciting innovations for the burger business such as the crunchy Veggie-Burger from Vegeta, Schne-frost’s burger patty “Mediterran” with vegetables and rice, as well as the Beyond Burger from Wiesenhof. While the DAMHUS-veggie grill sausages are likely to conquer the grill, the vegan chocolate coatings from the Zotter chocolate manufactory stand out from the expanding range of vegan desserts.

Visitors can find exciting innovations like these through the app, which displays their current location live on their mobile phones. The app is now available for download.