Shaping the future together

Major changes only come about through dialogue. As the organizer of INTERNORGA, it is essential for us to involve our exhibitors and partners in structural changes. We have made significant strides in this regard over the past 1.5 years, not least through intensive discussions.

For decades, the INTERNORGA is considered as the leading trade fair for the entire out-of-home market, an innovator and source for trends, visionary concepts and new products. To make sure that this remains unchanged also in the future, we are now taking the next step.

The INTERNORGA 2021 is becoming more modern, more contemporary and more structured. There will be a concentrated segmentation, which is particularly important for visitors. Each exhibition area has direct access to its own entrance. Theme worlds are created that more closely reflect the actual market conditions. Extensive communication measures accompany the entire process

The goals of the restructuring:

  • contemporary and optimized arragement of the exhibition areas
  • Restructuring of entire areas to create new presentation opportunities:
    • to enlarge or change the stand spaces
    • to show synergies between many exhibitors
    • for new exhibitors
  • more stringent visitor guidance, especially for the steadily growing number of international visitors

The new interior planning

Optimized exhibition areas, synergies between exhibitors, new presentation opportunities, more stringent visitor guidance make all areas even more interesting and diverse.

Food, beverages and shopfitting

With the new allocation of halls A1, A3 and A4 and the upper floors B1 to B4 we finally offer adequate presentation opportunities. This way we meet the demand of space expansion and can also add new companies of the long waiting list in this segment. This will not only make the area larger for trade visitors, but also more interesting and diverse.

Restaurant and hotel facilities

The ground levels of halls B1 to B4 form the direct connection between the highly frequented East Entrance and the A site. The upper floor of these halls are home of the lively and creative areas of INTERNORGA with young and innovative formats, such as B. Next Chef Award, Newcomers Area, Pink Cube and Craft Spirit Lounge.

Kitchen technology and equipment / bakery and confectionery technology

The expansion of the exhibition area in halls B5, B6 and B7 by around 6,900 m2 gross area offers new opportunities. This will not only make the area larger for trade visitors, but also make it more interesting and diverse. A large waiting list has been built up here - not only with new companies from Germany and abroad, but also thanks to the long-standing requests for change from our permanent exhibitors.

It's all digital - all digital offers combined

The effects of digitization are becoming increasingly visible and noticeable and are influencing all industries and their processes more than ever. Reason enough to summarize all companies, brands, products and services in this area. In the future hall A2 will be completely digital.

Outdoor - a new world

The topic of outdoor gastronomy is becoming increasingly important and is constantly generating a variety of new topics and products. In hall B 8, we will be dedicated exclusively to this exciting industry in the future and bring all outdoor exhibitors together in a new and extensive themed world. From now on, visitors can get focused information and inspiration about this topic.