New veggie trends

In 2019, INTERNORGA cooperates with the leading food awareness organisation ProVeg once again. Katleen Haefele explains current veggie highlights and provides an overview of current developments in the vegetarian and vegan market.

What are the most popular veggie trends in the out-of-home market?
Current trends reach from plant-based Poké-, Acai- and Buddha-Bowls to Sushi-Burgers and the always popular avocado toasts. “Black food”, which is artificially coloured food, is becoming more popular as well. Among the other growing trends are different food types inspired by traditional street food, proteins gained from lentils and meat-alternatives made of mushrooms.

Which developments do you currently observe in the vegan market?
The demand for plant-based food options is growing continuously in the out-of-home market. More and more consumers are looking for meat-free options today, either due to health reasons, or simply because they like the taste. Many companies recognize the potential and diversify their choice of products accordingly.

How will the vegan market develop in the future?
While the vegan lifestyle used to be laughed upon and perceived as a temporary hype until recently, experts do not think of it as a short-dated trend today. In order to nourish the worldwide 10 billion people in 2050, we must increase the plant-based food supply and invest into the development of new technologies for agriculture and cultivated meat products.

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