Baking-craft on its path towards a bright future

Experts agree: bakeries don’t have to sell soup or kale in order to be successful. Instead, they should focus on their core skills, making better bread and improving the overall customer experience.

When bakers want to offer their customers every possible option, things often get out of hand. Shifting their focus on bread making, their key competence, and process optimization, which benefits staff members and customers, has proven to be more effective in the long run. Short waiting times and personal contact are still highly valued by customers. These are the results of the expert round-table on digital signage, organized by the INTERNORGA in cooperation with BÄKO magazine.

According to the participants, the ongoing digitalization as well as new competitive concepts, such as Prêt A Manger, are major challenges for the baking industry. The shortage of skilled workers and the barriers arising from bureaucracy are equally problematic. Bakers set themselves apart by communicating the value of the baking craft to target customers, optimizing processes and adapting technical possibilities according to their individual needs. The ultimate key to success is the ability to build long-term relationships with customers. Beverages also hold enormous potential for bakeries, as the bread experts concluded.

More detailed results from the round-table can be found in the January edition of the BÄKO magazine or under the following link. (only available in German)