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Corporate caterer e*lounge: sustainable, fair, transparent

Veggie day is undeniably the most popular day at e*lounge. The corporate caterer at the Esprit headquarters in Düsseldorf spoils its 1000 employees with fresh, healthy and sustainable food.

That’s what corporate catering of the future looks like: the e*lounge at the Esprit headquarters in Düsseldorf sets new standards for the industry – that’s what the jury of the 2018 INTERNORGA Future Award in the category “Trendsetter Product – Food & Beverages” is certain of. The 1000 employees, many of whom are young and female, enjoy a great variety of vegetarian food options. Animal-friendly farming, fair trade, transparency and seasonality are the top priorities at e*lounge.

Martin Friedrich initiated the concept. As food & beverage manager at e*lounge, he started his career in the three-star gastronomy business. He emphasizes his responsibility to keep his guests healthy and productive. To him, the vegetarian diet is one of the key trends of the future: “With meat-free dishes slowly saturating the market, this brings a completely new variety of food options into existence. The challenge is to include high-quality proteins, while enabling the usage of convenience food. Organic food will also become more popular. We are already using it in large quantities at the e*lounge”.