The 25hours concept

Hotel chain 25hours has been expanding ever since 2003. We asked managing director Christoph Hoffmann why the brand has been so successful. His answer lies in individuality, regionality and a good relationship with neighbours.

None of the 25hours hotels look the same. How do you get the ideas for your unique concepts?
When we enter a new city, our priority is to network and search for potential partners who are a great fit for us. It is crucial to involve the immediate neighbourhood.

What is the key to creating unique concepts multiple times in a row?
We’d be willing to pay a lot for this secret! The truth is that we don’t know. While we grew organically to 13 hotels, we are now trying to achieve faster growth on a more international scale. Admittedly, we have a lot of respect for this challenge. However, we are confident that we will find reliable and inspiring partners with whom we can make our projects successful, even in the most distant locations. 

How will the expectations of hotel guests change in the future?
Safety, friendliness and cleanliness remain the most important priorities of guests. Most noticeable are the growing expectations regarding infrastructure, especially when it comes to technology (e.g. internet and phone reception). Sleep quality is important to guests as well. Lastly, there is a growing desire towards special experiences, inspiration and individuality.