„Digitalisation becomes its own Digiversum“

Digitalisation: Opportunities for the entire industry - especially in turbulent times like these. Trend researcher Karin Tischer reveals where the journey is headed and what benefits companies can derive from the right tools.

The future of hospitality is digital! How does an industry expert assess the current developments, where is hidden potential and what should be considered during implementation? Karin Tischer, trend researcher and food specialist from food & more, Kaarst, explains:

"Digitalisation has developed into its own digiverse, is causing one of the most significant changes in the out-of-home market and has also gained a lot of momentum as a result of the crises. It provides an opportunity for the numerous challenges, such as a lack of staff and skilled workers, saving resources and costs, as well as sustainable rethinking throughout the entire value chain.

AI (artificial intelligence) is being used in more and more facets, in front of and behind the scenes, often as practical apps: On the one hand, it is helpful for the restaurateur/hotelier in the form of planning, ordering, organisation, customer management, HACCP/delivery management, service robots and AI-controlled cash registers. On the other hand, it also enables simplified processes for the guest, from reservation to ordering, payment (mobile ordering) to the receipt of personalised advertising.

From our experience as food & trend specialists, it is important to examine the costs, implementation and maintenance in relation to relief and savings for this great opportunity."

Image: Karin Tischer, Food-Trendforscherin und Geschäftsführerin, food-innovation-center food & more, Kaarst ©Hamburg Messe und Congress / Michael Zapf