Dr J. Daniel Dahm on the INTERNORGA Future Award

The jury chairman talks about what the INTERNORGA Future Award jury will be looking for.

“The nominees for the INTERNORGA Future Award are all companies that particularly stand out as pioneers which are taking out-of-home market developments forward. They have innovative business concepts that are reflected in their products and services, and a sense of shared responsibility for our living planet and opportunities for the next generations.

Past award winners have included enterprises with especially sustainable business concepts that set standards in the out-of-home market. Some of them use pioneering technologies that conserve natural resources and energy. Others use natural raw materials that have been organically produced in accordance with fair trade principles. This can include a very high level of transparency with regard to production processes and their environmental impacts or a clever business strategy with special incentives to compete demonstrating to the rest of the industry how commercial success can be achieved through the right applications, future responsibility strategies and sustainable production.

Our goal with the INTERNORGA Future Award is to drive sustainable development and thank the people who demonstrate how we can get it right. Above all, we want to encourage, support and reward exhibitors, customers and partners in their business innovation processes.”