Food trend researcher Hanni Rützler on snacking

Hanni Rützler is a food trend researcher, so tracking down the latest trends is her job. For 2020 Hanni forecasts that the new mega trend of snacking is here to stay! Does this mean the end of traditional mealtimes?

Snacking has had an enormous impact on the entire out-of-home market because, if Hanni Rützler is right, the snacking trend will put an end to mealtimes as we know them. Traditional mealtimes are no longer part of the fabric of our everyday lives as we adapt our eating habits and structures to our more mobile and flexible lifestyles. New concepts are also emerging for healthy and high quality snacking that are changing and expanding the traditional range of snack products. 

Today’s snacks are much more than just muesli bars and fruit. They’re quick, wholesome and satisfying foods that stop you feeling peckish. “Any kind of food can be turned into a snack," wrote Rützler in her Food Report. The snack food spectrum extends from a taco from the food truck to a several-hour tasting menu at a gourmet restaurant. According to the Austrian food scientist, snacking is a trend that will change the economy forever.