The future of the soda pop

Soda pop is a cult beverage and a must in any beverage range. Now traditional orangeades and lemonades are being joined by soda pops with increasingly exotic flavours. Fritz and Wostok on the development of liquid trends.

“Exotic flavours are one of the strongest non-alcoholic beverage trends at the moment. These special flavours are gaining in popularity and encouraging the beverage industry to keep fuelling the trend. Another permanent change that has taken place is sugar reduction. As consumers turn to more healthy diets they are increasingly questioning ingredients. Glass bottles are another trend reflecting the concept of sustainability, which is bringing about major changes in packaging,” explained Joris van Velzen, CEO of Wostok/Baikal Getränke.

“Reconciling sustainable concepts with fast-lived trends is one of the challenges we face when we develop new products. Consumers will become even more sensitive and selective in their choice of products in the future. In the long term, this means we have to combine health and enjoyment in our beverage products, in the same way that the food industry has,” is the forecast of fritz-kulturgüter GmbH.

“Shopping habits, consumer behaviour and customer preferences have changed. Some of the things consumers want are more choice, less sugar and sustainable packaging. Our industry is clearly demonstrating its innovative strength, and it’s fascinating to see how many new product categories, brands and packaging innovations are being launched. We’re also achieving growth with our core brands while investing in new categories and cyclical economy best practices,” said John Galvin, Sales & Marketing Director of Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH, talking about sector developments.