Here to stay: packaging and delivery

In the cold season, delivery can now be the trump card for restaurateurs: In order to get through the crisis well and be well positioned all round, the packaging must also be right - sustainability is the magic word.

Delivery offers a possibility, especially in these difficult corona times, for a gastronomer to make himself more crisis-proof. And delivery has been in high demand among consumers not only since Corona. The demand for deliverable food will increase even more according to need insiders. Guests who visit the terraces in summer will be happy to opt for delivery at the start of the cold season for safety reasons. An opportunity that restaurateurs should definitely take advantage of. Moritz Heininger, Managing Director of Discoeat and his new platform for food delivery, Discodelivery, also says that delivery is part of contemporary gastronomy and is currently more important than ever: "In times of crisis, delivery is essential for survival and can also help to increase capacity utilization during off-peak hours. Our experience is that customers' demands for delivery times and quality are constantly increasing.

We also see a trend towards online ordering and pickup due to the Corona crisis". Anyone offering delivery or take-away services now has other issues to deal with in addition to the optimal digital platform. For example, which packaging is the right one? What do you need to consider here? Packaging should maintain the temperature so that the food reaches the customer in the best quality and is not harmful to the environment. Freshness, warmth and sustainability play a very decisive role in the selection of packaging materials. In order to be environmentally and customer friendly from the very beginning, the choice of biodegradable materials such as wood, cardboard, palm leaf, sugar cane or corn starch is a good alternative. Trade visitors to INTERNORGA 2021 can discover a variety of innovative packaging that meets modern consumer demands.