Tableware made of palm leaves – Leef Blattwerk GmbH

Leef Blattwerk GmbH is encouraging sustainability in the hospitality industry. Its product is compostable tableware made of palm leaves. Its objective is to replace plastic and reduce waste.

Leef Blattwerk GmbH is encouraging more sustainability in the hospitality industry. During a trip to India, Claudio Vietta, Ronja Heinemann and Sebastian Mann discovered the local custom of using dried palm leaves as plates and quickly realised the potential for a palm leaf-based product to replace plastic plates and contribute to the long-term reduction of waste. “We may not be able to change the society in which we live, but we can change the products that people use,” explained Claudio Vietta, co-founder of Leef Blattwerk.

Leef uses hand-picked palm leaves to make its products and helps local farmers to develop sustainable business models. The leaves are a by-product of the areca palm, so it isn’t necessary to create new plantations to grow them.

When the leaves have been cleaned and dried they are pressed into their final shape. The company has also developed a packaging made entirely of natural materials so that it can offer customers a completely compostable product.

“Instead of creating energy and resource-intensive materials that are difficult to reintegrate we ‘borrow’ leaves, use them and then return them to nature’s cycle,” said Claudio Vietta