Are we heading for a meat-free future?

Regional origin, traceability and animal welfare are all reasons why an increasing number of consumers are becoming vegetarians. Meat-free and meat replacement products are catering to a growing market with great future potential.

The regional origin and traceability of products, as well as animal welfare, are today increasingly important factors influencing the consumer’s choice of products. Vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians (people who mainly eat a vegetarian diet but occasionally supplement it with high quality, organic meat) are an expanding target group in a growing market that is being driven by new product ideas for an evolving meat-free product range. Examples include alternative soy, wheat or pea-based protein sources, as well as more unusual developments such as red heme compounds containing soy root or beet root juice that make meat replacement products look surprisingly authentic.

The A.T. Kearney management consultants are forecasting a decline in meat sales versus growth in meat replacement product sales up to USD 450 billion between 2025 and 2040.(Source: )