Coffee highlights and innovations

Coffee is still an exciting product in a continuously changing market. Cold Brew and French Press are yesterday’s news. Here are some of the most creative new coffee products.

Superfood coffee

Superfoods are already established as nutritious additives for smoothies, bowls and shakes. Now health food enthusiasts have introduced them for coffee. Powdered turmeric, vital mushrooms and various other superfoods add a nutritional boost, an energy kick or even an anti-aging effect to the morning brew.

Black latte

A latte macchiato enriched with activated charcoal doesn’t just look amazing, it’s healthy too. Also known as the ‘goth latte’ the charcoal has been proven to have a detoxing effect on the digestive system.

Nitro coffee

Nitro coffee is served on tap, just like beer. It’s a cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head.

Vietnamese egg coffee

This is a trend that originated in Hanoi and spread like wildfire through Vietnam. It consists of a coffee topped with sweet and creamy egg foam. All you need to make it is eggs, condensed milk, sugar and, naturally, coffee.