Next Chef Award – Winner Marianus von Hörsten shares his experience

Marianus von Hörsten won the Next Chef Award and a gourmet trip through Europe in 2018. Now he’s back in his home city of Hamburg reminiscing about his experiences.

Next Chef 2018 Marianus von Hörsten set off on his journey to visit gourmet chefs in Europe’s culinary capitals in early October 2018. This is what he had to say about it:


“The whole trip was absolutely incredible. I saw so many things, met some of the continent’s very best chefs, and I even got to look behind the scenes in their kitchens.

I was really looking forward to going to Lyon, the first city on my schedule, and it didn’t disappoint. French cuisine is absolutely amazing. And it was such a pleasure to meet the famous French chef Georges Blanc.


After Lyon I travelled on to Florence, a bombastic city. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to explore, but I did meet French head chef Annie Féolde at her restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri. Annie is the first female chef in Italy to have three Michelin stars awarded to her restaurant and only the fourth chef in the world to have achieved that.


Berlin was the grand finale. I already know our capital city so it was a bit like returning home. Trying out Austrian gourmet chef Sebastian Frank’s creations was a fantastic experience because he’s got his own very unique style of cooking.


This trip provided me with some amazing inspiration for my own restaurant opening in Hamburg.”