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Nature meets technology: key major future trends

What does the future of corporate catering industry look like? The INTERNORGA industry research FoodZoom analyses future developments and presents the most influential trends of the out-of-home market.

Which trends will be crucial for the corporate catering industry of tomorrow? A new industry research titled FoodZoom by trend researcher Karin Tischer (food & more) and the INTERNORGA, shows the most important developments. Technological advances and digitalization have a lasting impact on the gastronomy industry. Innovations like online ordering, mobile payment, rating tools and home delivery, are continuously improving customer comfort and service. 

While customers expect high-quality service using modern technology, their longing for nature is growing as well. Urban farming is a trend that enables the combination of nature and technology. By applying modern processes, freshness and regionality can be created within, or on top of the own restaurant. The food is also healthy and inspired by the latest international street food trends? Even better! New ways of utilizing tea, creative types of ice-cream and exciting variations of Kimchi are growing in popularity as well.