Promoting young talent: Next Chef Award

The application phase for the Next Chef Award 2020 has begun. Here you can find out how the winners of the last two years have fared and what the future holds for them.

News from Next Chef Award Winner 2019 Kevin Gedike

Kalsbries, sole, peppers and truffles behave Kevin Gedike to the title Next Chef 2019. The victory in March this year has advanced his career. Now he's cashing in his winnings and writing his first cookbook.

Kevin Gedike was this year’s Next Chef Award winner at INTERNORGA. His prize is the chance to write his own cook book and have it published in autumn 2020 by Gräfe und Unzer Verlag. Premium magazine LAFER – Das Journal für den guten Geschmack has been Next Chef Award’s official media partner since 2018. “Over the years Johann Lafer has worked passionately and continuously to help young chefs develop their careers. So a partnership with INTERNORGA and the Next Chef Award was the logical step to take,” said Peter Rensmann, Marketing & Sales Director at the JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG publishing house. Kevin Gedike also appreciates the partnership: “When I won Next Chef I received enquiries from lots of magazines. The articles introduced me to all kinds of new brands and products. And the interviews obviously helped to raise my profile.”

Kevin Gedike isn’t allowed to say anything about the book just yet, but he’s certainly excited about it. He also recommends the INTERNORGA contest to other young chefs. “My advice to people who are passionate about cooking is to take part. You meet all kinds of interesting people and it’s a great way to find out if you have what it takes. Winning the contest proved to me that I made the right career choice.”

Book recommendation Marianus von Hörsten "Meine Hofküche"

The Next Chef Award is a unique career launching pad for talented young chefs in Germany. Next Chef winner in 2018, Marianus von Hörsten, has impressively proved it by writing his own cook book.

Marianus von Hörsten became Germany’s best up-and-coming chef in 2018 when he won the Next Chef Award. We interviewed him to discover what he has been up to since then, and what his first book holds in store.

What can you tell us about your book?
“My book, Meine Hofküche: Regional, saisonal und richtig lecker, is being published on 2 October by GU Verlag. Sustainable cooking was one of the things I focused on in the book more than other authors have done. All of my recipes are pure and simple, and you don’t need any complicated kitchen appliances to prepare them. The ingredients are seasonal and most of them are available regionally. I’ve also avoided using additives. I learned about the concept of sustainability during my childhood at my father’s Demeter farm. I found my passion for natural food production there and I want to share those experiences with my readers. Most of the time less really is more!”

What happened after you won the Next Chef Award in 2018?
“I met a lot of exciting people and companies, including the GU Verlag, which is publishing my book. It isn’t often that a young chef gets this kind of opportunity. I’ve also decided that the only place I’ll be cooking is at my ‘Klinker’ restaurant in Hamburg. My aim is to give every guest the ultimate dining experience.”

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