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Say goodbye to cash! These are the payment methods of the future

Store and restaurant customers in Germany have always liked to pay for their purchases in cash. Until now. But cash may not be king in Germany for much longer.


In Germany consumers tend to be sceptical about new payment services because they are worried about making themselves too transparent and disclosing too much personal data to the providers. In other countries, especially in Scandinavia, digital payments are widely accepted and very few people pay for anything in cash.

The introduction of new payment methods such as Apple and Google Pay will gradually change restaurant guest habits. We are already noticing an increase in cashless payments from year to year. If restaurant operators want to remain attractive to guests in the future they will have to introduce cashless payment infrastructures. I know that these new payment methods offer a number of advantages to restaurant operators. They considerably speed up the payment process and improve the overall safety of the restaurant because less cash on the premises means a lower financial loss in the event of a break-in. Cashless payments also help service personnel to be more efficient in their work, which improves the guest dining experience.

Nevertheless, many restaurant operators are still loathed to end their love affair with cash and embrace new payment providers. It’s time for the industry to change tack and adopt new payment methods.” Andreas Jonderko, managing director of gastronovi GmbH

Cashless payment systems

Store and restaurant customers in Germany have always liked to pay for their purchases in cash. But times are changing. In an interview in June 2019 in ‘Allgemeinen Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung‘, Thomas Rienecker, spokesperson for the German Savings Banks Association, said that contactless and mobile payments are already common practice in the hotel sector. However, some restaurants – especially smaller ones – still only accept cash payments, which is a particular problem for international guests. The ideal solution would to be to offer both cash and cashless payments.

NFC (near field communication) technology has made an important contribution to the increase in mobile payments. These days, more and more Maestro and credit cards incorporate NFC technology, which means the card doesn’t have to be inserted into a machine to read it and the customer can simply ‘tap and go’. To speed up the payment process at the check-out, payments of amounts up to 25 euros can be made without entering a PIN. NFC technology also makes payments with smartphones instead of cards possible. All the user has to do is install a payment app.