Smart kitchens – trends and digital solutions

The ‘new normal’ era is a change and innovation catalyst. What top trends are relevant now and how can digital solutions support commercial kitchen operators?

We are all facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic. New strategies that will inevitably be associated with change and innovation are called for, and smart kitchens could be both the solution and the way forward into the future. Digitalisation, automation and robotics are essential aspects of any response to the far-reaching changes brought about by the pandemic. Sensor technology and remote control are other trends with a viable future because they allow kitchen personnel to save resources, e.g. by monitoring processes with sensors and remotely controlling kitchen equipment. It’s a win-win situation. Many companies are turning to user-based functional equipment that improves the efficiency of kitchen workflows. Tailored to specific needs and preferences, the equipment incorporates the precise functions that are actually needed. Open networking platforms are also useful in this connection, because they allow the user to network equipment of different makes.