Snacks in the spotlight

You eat with your eyes first! Before buying, guests rely on visual cues rather than the taste of the snacks. We asked the managing director of Aichinger Dr. Oliver Blank to explain how bakers can increase the desire of customers to buy.

Dr. Oliver Blank, Managing Director of Aichinger GmbH, explains the most important factors for the presentation of snacks.

How can bakers make their snacks visually appealing?
The most important factor is that the high quality of the craft and the freshness of the food are immediately visible. Ideally customers can see with their own eyes how baked goods become delicious snacks, right there in the shop.

What are the biggest challenges?
Right from the opening of the shop until it gets closed, there needs to be a constant flow of snacks. The freshness of the products must be immediately visible to customers. If there is too much premade food available in the shop and it doesn’t make a fresh impression anymore, customers move on and buy elsewhere. Balance between customer frequency, displayed goods, fresh production and personnel placement, is incredibly important.

Which snack-trends are important for the baking craft? 
Hot snacks are becoming more popular. The same holds true for products based on current diet and health trends. And yet, bakers shouldn’t underestimate how much consumers appreciate simple bread or bread rolls with toppings. One factor will always remain most important regardless of current trends: the deliciousness and high quality of baked goods and toppings.