Breakfast tabletop trends

Birgit Dubberke, Marketing/Development Manager at BHS tabletop AG, on breakfast tabletop trends and innovations.

What are the current breakfast tabletop trends at BHS tabletop?

Our new products at the moment are strongly oriented on the latest breakfast food trends. The traditional continental breakfast now has competition from healthier and more international options. You need bowls for shakshuka and porridge, and plates for breakfast burritos and sweet or savoury toast creations - ideally in hard-wearing materials with trendy designs.

What tabletop trends do you think we‘ll be seeing in the future?

Over the next few years breakfast is going to evolve in to an all-day-long meal, and we’ve already seen the brunch trend followed up by brinner. This trend will also see us turning away from breakfast buffets, because you can’t keep fresh foods out on the buffet all day.

There will definitely be some new breakfast tabletop concepts, and the restaurant trade will face a number of challenges as a result because these new trends will be associated with higher investments in service, coupled with the problem of the shortage of service personnel in the market.

You could say that ‘everything goes’ as far as breakfast tabletop trends are concerned, provided they’re authentic and fit in with the food concept.