The latest breakfast trends

Breakfast is no longer a morning meal and the latest trend is all-day breakfasts. Products are more offbeat, formats are more sustainable and the coffee’s (deliberately) cold.

Cold Brew has taken the coffee market by storm in recent years, and it’s also increasingly being used as a breakfast buffet beverage. Hot coffee is still in demand, but consumers are scrutinising origin and quality more than they used to. Selected coffee beans and portafilter machines are more popular than filter coffee in thermos flasks.

Brinner is the latest trend from the USA. Like brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, brinner is a combination of breakfast and dinner. Reflecting the global breakfast mega trend, restaurants and cafes in cities around the world have augmented their breakfast menus with bowls, shakshuka and sophisticated toast creations. These breakfast foods are popular because they taste good, they’re filling and they could just as easily be eaten at dinner. So why not make them available all day long?

Sustainability isn’t edible, but it’s a concept that is taking hold in the breakfast food segment. Many hotels have replaced the individually packaged products in their breakfast ranges with more eco-friendly alternatives such as fabric instead of paper, jam and marmalade in glass instead of plastic or chocolate spread in heated dispensers – there are all kinds of options.