Commercial catering trends

More and more people are eating out of home, daily routines are moving at a faster pace and mealtimes are more flexible. What are the implications for commercial caterers? And where is the industry going?

Commercial catering is changing: restaurants at universities, schools, hospitals, old-age care homes and companies are introducing more flexible opening times, using higher quality products, extending their ranges of vegetarian/vegan offerings and making their processes more sustainable. Commercial catering is reinventing itself with a special focus on the following areas:

Organic school meals

There is growing demand for organic foods in the commercial catering segment and numerous projects and quality initiatives have been launched at schools to address the issue of child nutrition from various perspectives. Fresh fruit and vegetables are replacing fast food and there is a stronger focus on product origin and local sourcing, as well as on educating children about healthy eating.

Refectory food that actually tastes good

Students are demanding more variety from their refectories. Salad bars are replacing overcooked vegetables, while pasta and side dish buffets offer the opportunity to compile meals. These new trends are very popular with the students, who can now meet their personal dietary preferences much more effectively.

Canteens go green

Munich RE’s company canteen sets an excellent example as an eco-friendly eatery with its regionally sourced, seasonal foods and meat-free menus. Every Wednesday since the beginning of October there has been an additional ‘climate-friendly’ dish on offer, alongside the other dishes of the day, at the reinsurance company’s staff canteen. The employees love both the concept and the foods. Now Munich RE is also planning to include more low-CO2 dishes on the menu.