New snack trends that are here to stay in 2019/2020

Until twenty years ago snacks were either foods to satisfy cravings or sweet treats. Today they are increasingly replacing traditional meals. What are the 2019/2020 snack trends?

Ethnic food

Although food trends around the world still diverge, snack trends have long been a kind of ‘global phenomenon‘. Ethnic-inspired foods, cross-over snacks and culinary influences from around the world are still very much on trend.

Bowls, ramen and bento boxes 

According to a survey conducted by the Bookatable platform in early 2019, burgers, ramen and bowls are the biggest trends. Over 40 percent of respondents stated that they had already visited restaurants with these foods on the menu. Almost one-third of them had eaten a Hawaiian poke bowl or a vegetarian Buddha bowl.

Breakfast plus

The snacking trend is changing the way we eat and, instead of fixed mealtimes, we’re snacking around the clock. Breakfast with an extended timeframe is a new key trend in the snack industry that has led to the emergence of brinner (breakfast and dinner).