Unique beers, uniquely staged

Hall B4, upper floor

The highlight for every creative drinks menu – INTERNORGA 2018 presented unique craft beers in an appropriate setting. Each one of them is a product of innovative artisan skill, promising authentic pleasure for the palate.

The CRAFT BEER Arena sets up a unique bar atmosphere on the upper floor of Exhibition Hall B4, with brewers large and small, restaurant operators, beer sommeliers, buyers and specialist traders giving a wide-ranging overview of the exciting craft beer market. It gaves visitors not only a chance to taste special beers, but also to get information and exchange views. With an extensive supporting programme on craft beer – which covers a series of topics such as setting the stage for craft beers at your own restaurant; cost accounting for successful craft beer marketing; adding value with higher prices; choosing the right beer menu; mixing creative beer cocktails; and food pairing. It includes subjects for everyone – newcomers and experts alike.