Hot trends from the leaders of the grill & BBQ scene

Hot ovens as a magnet for visitors: restaurateurs can now discover the hottest new grill & BBQ trends at the INTERNORGA 2019. Conducted in cooperation with GRILL-KONTOR Hamburg, the Grill & BBQ Court presents so much more than just the regular grilling equipment and supplies. The Who-is-who of the industry will show you the newest grilling tricks and popular cuts such as the Hanging Tender, Flank or Outside Skirt. Grilling expert Dirk Alberts provides a short impression of what fans can look forward to:

In cooperation with:

Grill-Kontor Hamburg

What trends await grilling-fans in 2019?

There will be a vast variety of high-temperature grills at 800°C from different suppliers, including electrical indoor versions. Grill manufacturers are diversifying their product range with grills for all needs and price categories. Exclusive grills and outdoor kitchen are currently high in demand. Lastly, ceramic grills – the so called Kamado Joe Grills – are more popular than ever, since they are real all-rounders.


What are the most popular cuts right now?

A rising number of BBQ fans have come to enjoy new cuts. The US undeniably ranks as top trendsetter when it comes to new cuts and styles. Among the most special cuts are the “Hanging Tender”, the “Flank”, which requires a short resting time after grilling, or the “Outskirt Skirt”. Other cuts such as ox chops, ball-tip steaks and roast beef are equally popular.


What are the highlights and innovations visitors of the Grill & BBQ Court 2019 can look forward to?

We will not only present the newest grilling equipment of manufacturers, but also offer exciting activities and shows in our LIVE GRILL AREA featuring well-known faces from the cooking, grill & BBQ scene. 


What types of meat will be trending in 2019?

In opposition to industrial livestock farming and the meat industry, there is a growing trend towards regionality with lasting effects on taste quality. As of today, animals are given more time to mature naturally. Meat of older animals not only tastes better, but it  contains fats that are higher in quality. For most companies, sustainability has become increasingly important, especially with regards to meat production. Meat types such as Duroc or Bentheimer black pied pork or lamb from Husum or Verse in the Lüneburg Heath region are particularly in focus. I believe that regional products will become even more popular in the future.