And the winner is Über den Tellerrand Café

The big finale of the Deutscher Gastro-Gruenderpreis 2019 is history. Excitement, curiosity, and –thanks to hilarious host Tim Maelzer – a lot of humour that describes briefly the extraordinary award show. At the end, the attending audience choose a final winner.

The results of the vote were clear-cut and the winner takes it all: The founders Jasmin Seipp, Sarah Dost, Felix Durejaka, and Abdoulie Badjie from Munich are excited: “This is awesome! All finalists have presented fantastic concepts. It is a huge honour that the audience liked our idea and project the most. Of course, it is also a motivation to keep on working hard on turning our dream into reality!

Their concept, to see a restaurant as a social community and a meeting place, where people with and without  immigration background cook together and also customers and employees learn from each other, also convinced celebrity chef Tim Maelzer. “All start-ups showed how the gastronomy industry is going to develop over the next few years. There is a lot of variety and potential for innovation. Especially the winning enterprise will have a lasting impact on the branch.


Portrait of the Top 5

On March 15, five young gastro-founders presented their business ideas to the professional audience at INTERNORGA. Who will win the first prize of the Deutscher Gastro-Gründerpreis this year?

Now it’s all or nothing: the five winners of the Deutscher Gastro-Gründerpreis (German Gastro Founder Award) competed for the first prize on March 15.


Eva de Schrevel from Bar & Brot
Holy Crab!
Giovanna Müller from Pâtlairs
Daniel Matera from Pokerria
Jasmin Seipp and Julia Haarig from the Café “Über den Tellerrand

First one is the candidate Eva de Schrevel from Kleve. In her restaurant “Bar & Brot”, she serves exclusive drinks and self-made bread. Jasmin Seipp and Julia Haarig from Munich took the stage with their coffee shop  “Über den Tellerrand”, where people with or without a refugee background are working together. Another female founder is Giovanna Müller from Pâtlairs. In her mobile patisserie, guests can witness firsthand how her sweet street food creations are made.

Gourmet street food of a special kind was presented by the three foundersLukas Bosch, Juliane Bublitz and Andreas Michelus from Berlin. The invasive American swamp crayfish, which threatens the flora and fauna of the capital, finds its place on the plates of “Holy Crab”. Lastly, Pokerria-Sushi Burritos by Daniel Matera merges three cooking techniques into one. The result is a unique type of Japanese, Hawaiian and Mexican fusion cuisine.