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Current developments and prospects according to Dieter van Acken, Tobit Labs (smartels)

Dieter van Acken from Tobit Labs makes a perfect match of digitalisation and hospitality. He talked to us about his lockdown experience at his digital hotel and the future role of digitalisation.

Current developments according to Max Luscher, B&B Hotels (budget hotels)

Max Luscher knows the hospitality industry like the back of his hand. He talked to us about how he and his B&B budget hotel chain experienced lockdown, what things have changed since then and his views on the future of the hotel industry.

What does the future hold in store for the hotel industry?

Budget or digital hotel? Hotel industry trends provide a first impression of the factors that will be relevant to the long-term success of future hotel concepts.

“Make sure it’s authentic”

Interior designer Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk from Joi Design is familiar with the latest branch trends – including urban farming. Here’s her explanation of what’s behind the trend and advice to hotels on how to take advantage of it.

The future of the resort hotel business: AHGZ Salon Talk

Resort hotels are experiencing a new surge in popularity. Acclaimed hotel experts discussed concepts and challenges in this segment at the pre-INTERNORGA AHGZ Salon Talk.

The latest trends and developments in hotel interior design

Although hotel trends have been strongly influenced by digitalisation in recent years, hotel guests still want hominess. Here’s an overview of current and future interior design trends:

Take a look at the recently opened Pierdrei Hotel

The Pierdrei Hotel in Hamburg’s HafenCity district opened its doors to guests in summer 2019. The hotel’s website says, “Hotels aren’t what they used to be”. So what makes this hotel different? It combines hospitality with entertainment.

(c) Julian Huke
Direct bookings vs. portals

One of the most intensely discussed topics in the hotel industry is the pros and cons of direct bookings versus the use of booking portals. What's the latest booking trend?

The 25hours concept

Hotel chain 25hours has been expanding ever since 2003. We asked managing director Christoph Hoffmann why the brand has been so successful. His answer lies in individuality, regionality and a good relationship with neighbours.

Serviced Apartments – a temporary home away from home

The Salon Talks hosted by AHGZ & JOI-Design and powered by INTERNORGA recently entered their fifth round. This time the hot topic was temporary accommodation. Eight industry experts discussed developments and trends.