Services on-site

Cloakroom and lockers

Cloakrooms and lockers are available in Foyer / East Entrance.

The charge payable at the cloakroom per item of clothing or luggage is EUR 1.50. Lockers are available in two different sizes, on payment of EUR 1.00 per locker.

The Cloakrooms are open from one hour before the official opening hours until one hour after the official closing hours. Contents of suitcases, bags and clothes are not covered by insurance. Please also check the general terms and conditions on-site.

Eating and drinking

There’s something for every appetite – from small snacks to complete business meals. You can indulge in culinary treats at the Hamburg Fair site.

Overview of catering at the Fair site

Wireless LAN

A wireless LAN facility is provided by Hamburg Messe und Congress for free. 

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Infocounters are available here:

  • Foyer Entrance East, Tel. +49 40 3569-6399
  • Foyer Central Entrance, EG, Tel. +49 40 3569-6599

Facilities for people with disabilities

You can find disabled parking spaces for 3 EUR per day (subject to availability) via:

  • Gates B1 and B4 / St. Petersburger Straße
  • Gate B5 / Bei den Kirchhöfen
  • Gate A3 / Lagerstraße

Disabled toilets are available in:

  • Hall B1 UF
  • Hall B2 UF
  • Hall B3 GF/UF
  • Hall B4 UF
  • Hall B5
  • Hall B6
  • Hall B7
  • Foyer South UF
  • Central Foyer GF/UF

Lifts suitable for people with disabilities are located in Halls B1 and B3 and in the East Foyer.

Visitors with walking difficulties can borrow a wheelchair free of charge at the site. Please reserve wheelchair in advance, giving details of your visit date/time, by e-mail to

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