General questions and answers concerning protective measures

All participants (exhibitors, visitors, service providers, suppliers etc.) are required, to maintain a 1.5-metre social distance from each other.

To enable participants to maintain this 1.5-metre social distance, HMC will limit the number of concurrent admissions by restricting the number of day tickets sold for the entire event campus, and will use digital systems to manage the number of visitors present throughout its premises, including halls and individual rooms.
The maximum permissible number of visitors per event depends on the following figures:

  • Exhibition hall area occupied (gross)
  • Area covered by exhibition stands
  • Aisles and other moving spaces
  • Number of exhibitor and trade fair services personnel present

A total of around 55,000 visitors can be admitted, that is around 11,000 people a day.

All participants are required to wear face masks covering mouth and nose at all times while inside an exhibition hall.
The obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover is waived on seats in the catering establishments and restaurants or during a tasting within the stand areas that is similar to service in a restaurant.

All participants are required to register in advance by the HMC digital ticket system. Admission to the event area is only possible upon prior registration indicating the full name, residential address, e-mail address and telephone number.
Visitor tickets are offered in a limited number on a daily basis and are available exclusively online.
Exhibitors are required to register their stand staff, but also supply services (e.g. catering) and staff involved in stand assembly and disassembly in the HMC’s registration system before the event.

For the purpose of tracing the contact chains in the event of infection, data must be recorded from all visitors to the stand who come into contact with the employees of the stand or other visitors. The removal of information material at short notice does not have to be documented.

To document contacts HMC recommends using the lead tracking function of the INTERNORGA app, which is linked to the participant database. The app can be used free of charge.
The contact is registered by scanning the QR code on the participant's badge. Any common smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system can be used for scanning.

Considering point 6. However, if the exhibitor can present an equivalent system, this principle can be deviated from in coordination with HMC.

Within the stand, the exhibitor is responsible for compliance with his hygiene concept, on the other areas the HMC is responsible.

Customers may be served food and beverages within the exhibition stand area in a manner similar to a restaurant (consumption of food and drinks at tables). The obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover is waived while sitting / at the table. A maximum of 10 people are currently allowed per table.
Furthermore, it is permissible to serve pre-packaged food and beverages for later consumption. Providing food samples for immediate consumption in the aisles or offering self-service food at exhibition stands is prohibited.
Compliance with social distancing and hygiene rules as well as all other rules applicable to gastronomy must be ensured. According to the general occupational health and safety regulations, waitresses/waiters must wear a mask.

General questions and answers concerning exhibition stand assembly and operation

All applicable requirements can be found in detail in Appendix 2 of the current Health and Safety Guidelines from Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH.


  • Design your stand dimensions generously enough to allow your stand personnel and visitors to maintain a 1.5-metre social distance at all times, unless suitable protective devices allow a shorter distance. The HMC does not set a maximum number of persons, as this results from the stand concept and the space available for visitors and must be determined by the exhibitors. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • One or more defined access points to the stand make it easier to control access to the stand and thus also to register your visitors. However, HMC does not require a specific entrance.
  • All exhibits and presentation spaces must be planned to avoid any gathering of people in the surrounding aisles and corridors. It is possible to position exhibits in such a way that they are also visible from the aisles. If the exhibits should also be explained by your staff, please plan the space for this on your stand.
  • To ensure adequate ventilation, closed ceilings on top of walled-off spaces (such as meeting rooms) are not permissible. Individual solutions are checked by HMC.
  • Your stand staff, but also supply services (e.g. catering) and staff involved in stand assembly and disassembly have to be registered in HMC’s registration system before the event.
  • Speaking to visitors in the corridors is prohibited. Conversations between exhibition stand staff and visitors is only permitted within the stand area to avoid crowding in corridors.
  • Providing food samples for direct consumption or food self-service at exhibition stands is prohibited.
  • Containers presenting visitor self-service giveaways, candy et cetera are not allowed.
  • No exhibition stand or exhibitor parties are allowed.
  • Provide sufficient amounts of hand disinfectants for your stand staff and visitors. Check whether a hand washing sink can be installed for your staff. If required, hygiene items (masks, spit protection & disinfectants, etc.) can be ordered for exhibitors via the service catalogue in the OSC. We would be happy to advise you personally on +4940/35692476 or by email at ausstellerservice (at) hamburg-messe (dot)de.
  • Prepare a stand cleaning strategy. Clean the contact surfaces regularly.
  • Exhibitors are requested to adhere to general hygiene rules, such as social distancing, avoidance of physical contact, and coughing and sneezing etiquette, and to ask their visitors to do the same.

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