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And the winners are … the INTERNORGA Future Award 2023 goes to Beyond Meat, Nesto and the Tollwood Festival

Ten finalists were put under the microscope by the first-class jury of experts led by scientist Dr Daniel J. Dahm, the Chairman and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress, Bernd Aufderheide, graduate engineer Carl-OttoGensch, nutritionist Rainer Roehl and trend researcher Hanni Rützler. In the end, they bestowed the coveted industry award on the pioneering concepts of the following companies:


The winners of the INTERNORGA Future Award 2023 in detail

‘Food & Beverages’ category: Beyond Meat EU B.V.

Beyond Meat has been producing meat alternatives since 2009. Initially only supplying Whole Foods in the USA, the company is now active in 80 countries worldwide and available at approximately 190,000 retail and foodservice outlets. Their new product, Beyond Steak, is tender, juicy and, once fried, almost indistinguishable from a genuine beef steak. The product is highly versatile and thus offers a simple, sustainable solution for a wide range of dishes. Beyond Steak is aimed at nutrition-conscious restaurant guests and people with a vegan or vegetarian diet, as well as flexitarians and meat eaters.


‘Technology & Equipment’ category: Nesto Software GmbH

The creation of duty rotas in catering establishments is time-consuming and complex, with operational requirements and the availability and needs of the staff having to be carefully harmonised. Nesto has developed software for that very purpose, which creates a fully automated duty rota. Artificial intelligence (AI) forecasts the expected sales and personnel requirements of the respective company four weeks in advance. This means that employees in the hotel and catering industry can be deployed exactly when they are actually required. A dashboard provides HR managers with an up-to-date overview of the personnel situation in the company. In the future, the intention is for the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution with interfaces to other commonly used systems to become a restaurant-tech ecosystem.


‘Catering & Hotel Industry’ category: Tollwood GmbH

The Tollwood Festival is the ‘mother of all sustainability festivals’. Tollwood is to festival culture what Woodstock is to rock music. Since 1988, the eco-cultural festival has enriched Munich’s culinary, handicraft and art and culture scene and become part of the city’s own identity and culture. The focus of the festival is on environmental friendliness in all areas, and all the catering establishments present have been certified organic since 2004. Important issues are taken into consideration here long before they enter the mainstream. The festival and culinary culture is bright, diverse and opens up new worlds of flavour from all cultural regions of the globe – from simple food to fine dining. As a source of fresh impetus for ecological projects and a forum for ecology and environmental awareness, the Tollwood Festival provides an inspiring contribution to education in Munich’s public spaces. In addition, the event is the benchmark for the promotion of sustainable lifestyles. With the Winter Weltsalon, Tollwood also provides an event platform that combines a fascination for nature with social commitment and environmental protection, opening up social and ecological topics to a wide audience.

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The judges

Five heads for a future

Dr. J. Daniel Dahm, Chairman of the Jury, summarises the decision round of the INTERNORGA Future Prize as intense and full of suspense. He and four other experts from business, science and society analyse, discuss and assess the submissions for the renowned competition in order to select a worthy winner for each category. According to jury member Bernd Aufderheide, the prize winners will benefit from the prize to the same extent as the industry benefits from their tireless commitment to a sustainable future.

In addition to internationally renowned sustainability experts Dr. J. Daniel Dahm and CEO of Hamburg Messe Bernd Aufderheide, the nutrition scientist Rainer Roehl and graduate engineer Carl-Otto Gensch are at the decision table. The expert jury is completed by the respected trend researcher and nutrition expert Hanni Rützler.