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Let's talk about beer because the craft beer craze is certainly a major talking point in the food service industry. Breweries are "raising the bar" with their intensively flavoured brews and exciting speciality beers.

The craft beer trend has also changed people's perceptions of and attitudes to beer here in Germany. Barrel-aged beer? With mango and passion fruit? Spices in the brew? Champagne yeast? All these things would have seemed entirely preposterous a few years ago in the country that has beer purity enshrined in law! Today, however, an increasing number of breweries are following in the footsteps of the craft beer pioneers in the USA and Scandinavia and experimenting with new ingredients to produce artisan beers for the growing fan community in the market. Although craft beers only account for a tiny half-a-percentage proportion of the 7.8 million litres of beer brewed in Germany every year, "the current wave of microbrewery start-ups in Germany is mainly due to the craft beer trend," confirmed Holger Eichele, Managing Director of the German Brewers' Association. And where do the most exciting brewers of artisan beers meet top decision makers in the restaurant trade and the wholesale beverage industry? In the Craft Beer Arena at INTERNORGA, of course!

Breweries 2020

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At INTERNORGA you can meet the top decision-makers from gastronomy, food retailing and GFGH. Here, Craft Beer beginners and connoisseurs from the gastronomy and hotel trade will discover how they can expand their range with Craft Beer!