Lunchtime business opportunities: BÄKO Roundtable

The bakery out-of-home market has grown exponentially. So what’s next? What challenges can the sector expect to face? These were the issues discussed by the roundtable experts ahead of INTERNORGA.

Since 2005 the bakery out-of-home market has achieved 70 percent growth. That’s very impressive. But what’s next for the bakery Out-Of-Home sector? This is the topic discussed by the experts at a roundtable hosted by the BÄKO magazine, the leading bakery trade publication, in advance of INTERNORGA. The discussion focused on lunchtime business and the associated opportunities and challenges for the bakery trade. Everyone agreed that snacking is a big trend – and should be part of every craft baker’s lunchtime concept. One of the reasons why the snacking trend emerged is that people are becoming increasingly mobile and time is a key factor. Quiches, tarte flambée and pizzas now supplement the bakery product portfolio because, as bread or dough-based products, they are the perfect addition to the craft baker’s repertoire. Key factors in any successful concept are long-term planning, new equipment, optimum IT solutions and well-trained staff.

In this age of automation and anonymization, a strong emotional connection with both customers and personnel is immensely important. Transforming local bakeries into social interaction spaces is a fantastic opportunity for bakery owners who can skilfully combine technology, human insights and good leadership skills.

One of the dietary trends affecting the bakery industry is the rise in vegetarianism and veganism. Bakeries have to cater to those trends and position themselves on the basis of ingredient quality and origin.

INTERNORGA is the place to find inspiration and ideas for attractive lunchtime business at the bakery. So don’t miss out! The fair is open between 13 and 17 March, 10 am–6 pm.