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Brave new kitchen technology world: With connectivity towards the future

What does it take in professional kitchens in times of a new normal, ever-increasing challenges and missing employees? Digitization seems to be the magic word of the day. A short inventory.

In the current pandemic times, the requirements for professional kitchens have changed tremendously. Strict hygiene and protection measures, as well as a lack of manpower, are having a major impact in all areas of the catering industry. Intelligent solutions are now needed to increase efficiency in the long term, to ensure consistent quality and service, and to guarantee profitable out-of-home business as well as a maximum level of hygiene. Kitchen technology for efficient cooking and preparation faces a strong demand, ensuring savings and productivity at all levels. Modern and innovative technology solutions that ensure a high degree of efficiency and productivity include networked kitchen appliances or devices that enable automated cooking.

Networked kitchen appliances - a dream of many professional chefs - have become a reality. Intelligent technologies that revolutionise kitchen management of the future are already in use in a growing number of kitchens. This allows professional chefs to update and monitor their appliances from anywhere, cloud-based and in real time. The available data and information also support chefs and businesses in optimally analyzing, evaluating and planning processes. In addition, networked kitchen technology reduces the workload and ensures a maximum of safety, quality and efficiency in kitchen management.

Devices that focus on automated cooking or baking enable to work in a smoother manner and to act more profitably. The technology used in this kitchen device is based on artificial intelligence and automatically recognises the product to be cooked, simmered or baked and sets the cooking or baking program to match. Pre-set cooking and baking programs also ensure that food preparation is simple and requires little intervention, providing utmost efficiency and high reliability of results in daily operation. These techniques are particularly interesting for kitchens with frequently changing staff and a lack of skilled personnel. Moreover, costly staff training can be reduced to managing and adjusting the programs thanks to digital assistance.

At INTERNORGA 2022, visitors will be able to obtain comprehensive information about the latest and most innovative developments in kitchen technology and to meet industry thought leaders. Various technical solutions of digital and networked kitchen appliances will find their new home in halls B6 and B7 in March 2022 and will be given exactly the amount of space this exhibition area deserves and the importance it has for the industry. Hall B6 will not only occupy the largest and one of the most modern exhibition halls but will also enable new neighbourhoods and synergies between exhibitors directly at the highly frequented South Entrance.