Everything under one roof: Retail gastronomy rethought

Urban meeting place for food culture: With the "Bridge" in Zurich, the Migros Zurich Cooperative is dissolving the boundaries between supermarket, gastronomy and event location. Three questions Bridge-CEO David Böhler.

"Bridge" means bridge. What is behind the concept and what makes Bridge so special?
BRIDGE creates a link between gastronomy, events and retail, and also between Migros as the initiator and various local suppliers. By bringing these different worlds together, an attractive meeting place for food culture is created for the guest. The close interlocking of the areas should be emphasized; for example, I can put a piece of meat from the butcher's counter directly on the grill.

The Bridge has now been opened for half a year. What is your conclusion so far? What has been particularly well received and where have you made improvements?
We receive a lot of encouragement and positive feedback, which makes us very happy. The gastronomic offerings and our events are very popular. Current efforts are aimed at creating orientation points for the guest. In this multifaceted, closely interlinked concept, irritation and inspiration can be close together.

In general: How can retail gastronomy be successful in times of corona?
By consistently aligning itself with customer needs. This includes not viewing Corona as a temporary disruption but embracing the changes and integrating them directly. In addition to customer proximity, this agility also requires a modular infrastructure and the appropriate corporate culture and attitude.


Bild oben: © Genossenschaft Migros Zürich

Dave Boehler © Genossenschaft Migros Zürich