Conversation with Patrick Junge, Peter Pane

Delivery is becoming more and more important in the catering industry. What do restaurateurs say who already successfully offer delivery services? What works and what does not? We interviewed Patrick Junge, Managing Director of Peter Pane and Peter Bringt's.

What do you have to pay attention to in delivery today?
Delivery is its own business with its own processes. The expectations of the guests are different than in the restaurant. In addition, processes for delivery must be set up independently so that business in the restaurant does not suffer.


What is your experience with delivery? And why is it profitable to offer this service?
The two factors speed and number of tours per hour decide whether money is earned with delivery or is burned. The delivery radius plays a major role and must be adapted to productivity. The product, check average and number of drivers with the appropriate vehicle must be coordinated. All in all, we at Peter Pane have managed to master this complex business.


What packaging is required so that the food arrives safely with customers? Which criteria is important for delivery?
Above all, we determine two criteria that are important for today's delivery services: On the one hand, thermal insulation. The packaging must ensure that the product is dimensionally stable and hot when it arrives at the guest's home within the delivery time. Secondly, an increasingly important criterion is sustainability. Ecological, sustainable packaging solutions, which are made from biodegradable materials, for example, are becoming extremely important for manufacturers and end users. We at Peter Pane combine both: for the guest, satisfactory thermal insulation on one hand, combined with the ecologically sustainable foot pressure in the packaging solutions on the other.


Where do you see further potential in the delivery?
In these times we see that delivery is becoming more and more important. Even before Corona, we developed our own delivery service with Peter Bringt’s and thus reacted to the development. Enjoying food regardless of location will become more important in times of home office and mobile working. We are seeing a shift from existing restaurants to delivery services and believe that there is still further potential. Everything embedded in a satisfactory process for the customer in which short waiting times and high quality are the focus.