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Innovations welcome! The Newcomers Area

Here’s where the ideas are! 20 start-ups will be presenting their companies and products to an expert public in the Newcomers Area. Read on to discover which entrepreneurs will be there:

From healthy French fries alternatives to eco-friendly coffee pods, the Newcomers Area upstairs in Hall B4 offers plenty of space for ground-breaking innovations. Around 20 newcomers will be presenting their products and services there. Here are five of them.

Frittenlove GmbH – gourmet fries

According to the motto of “Fritten sticks are the new fries,“ Frittenlove GmbH conjures up potato chips that aren’t cut from potatoes, but made from own-recipe purees that include diverse other ingredients such as chickpeas or black truffles. The man behind the idea is Sascha Wolter, who has already made a name for himself as a gourmet chef. In 2018 he secured an investment from Frank Thelen on the German version of Dragon's Den.


Hanfbörse – hemp-based foods for sustainable eating

How do you deliver a sustainability experience in the out-of-home market? Hanfbörse from Halberstadt knows the answer. The Hanfbörse entrepreneurs produce and market hemp-based foods for restaurants, hotels and commercial catering companies. They have a 100-hectare farm where they cost effectively grow their own hemp, so they have an ecologically sustainable supply chain concept. The current harvest is being used to make liqueurs, cakes, oil, tea, nuts, flour and Hemp Brew.


Just Taste GmbH – healthy vegetable pasta

A new twist on pasta please! With 80% less carbohydrates, 3-times more protein and 10-times more fibre. Just Taste GmbH was the first commercial catering company to grab attention with its organic vegetable pasta products. The colourful products, made with edamame, black beans, chickpeas and sweet potatoes – offer many advantages as an alternative to traditional pasta. They are organic, gluten free, vegan and kosher.


OS-Orginal STROHhalm GmbH – back to the roots

Drinking straws made from real straw are completely organic and naturally produced say the founders of OS-Orginal STROHhalm GmbH: Their gluten-free drinking straws are made from the stems of the wheat plant. When the wheat is harvested, the stems are processed into drinking straws that are 100% compostable and biodegradable.


KAYA&KATO GmbH – the first completely sustainable workwear label

What if we could reduce the plastic in our oceans by buying workwear? You can if you buy your workwear from KAYA&KATO in Cologne. The company has been manufacturing hotel and restaurant workwear from innovative materials since 2015. Their products unite stylish design with excellent quality and consistent sustainability. They are made from organic cotton and a polyester cotton blend that incorporates recycled plastic from the ocean.