The future is sweet: bakery highlights at INTERNORGA

Bakers and confectioners can look forward to a varied fringe programme at INTERNORGA, covering all kinds of topics from coffee to snacks. And the exhibitors have plenty of inspirational ideas for the future bakery trade.

INTERNORGA has lots of fresh-from-the-oven inspiration for bakers and confectioners. One of the highlights is the Back Stage area where master bakers and talented youngsters will be presenting sophisticated baking techniques. It’s a hotspot for ideas relating to flour, sugar, chocolate and other ingredients. In the Blue Box the experts will be discussing food inspections, clever marketing ideas and other important topics and trends with the INGER Verlag publishers. And there are some pretty impressive products on exhibit, from snack equipment and computer systems to coffee, convenience foods and ice-cream. As always, BÄKO and Backring Nord have their own exhibition stand covering a wide variety of themes.

The Sweet Art contest is a delicious distraction for visitors that demonstrates the creativity of this traditional craft industry. Cake lovers will enjoy checking out the stunning cakes and tarts created by the professional pastry chefs and the talented young confectioners. “The Sweet Art competitive exhibition, which is organised by the Hamburg Confectioners Guild, is the perfect way to showcase the impressive diversity of the confectionery trade at INTERNORGA,” said Thomas Horn, Guild Master of the Hamburg State Confectionary Association (confectionary guild). Come and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!