The bakery transformation: shop design trends

What are the hottest trends in bakery shop design? How can you create a fresh look, showcase products most effectively and boost sales? INTERNORGA has the answers.

The bakery segment is undergoing a transformation: digitalisation and automation, increasing mobility, new dietary habits and changing consumer preferences are the main factors driving change in the bakery world. Solutions are also necessary for the shortage of skilled employees such as easy-to-operate equipment and smart work processes that can be performed by unskilled workers. New product presentation solutions for bakeries are in the pipeline, such as bread shelves that are adaptable to various sales scenarios. These variable shelves offer a wide variety of snack presentation options.

Bakeries are returning to natural materials such as wood and stone for their shop fittings. “Industrial style has finally gone out of vogue”, confirmed Harald Korf from shop fitting specialist Schmees-Ladenbau. “The heavy steel elements that were often used to create a factory-like setting are disappearing and we are seeing finer, rounder and more elegant shapes emerging. Bold colours such as orange, green and blue are also back on trend.” The lighting concept should be a combination of friendly basic lighting and attention-focusing spotlighting. LED is still the first choice technology, with digital light control technology for optimum product illumination. This also ensures maximum power savings. “In this age of information overload and digital distractions, clear, tidy and optimally illuminated stores will come back into vogue,” continued Harald Korf. “Simple orientation is a must. In bakeries with cafes customers have to see the full range of the baker’s skills the instant they walk through the door.”