Beverage trends

Liquid trends: mate, soda pop, no-alcohol spirits

The beverage industry produces a wide assortment of drinks catering to all preferences. Nevertheless, from time to time, special trends emerge that inspire the market. Which beverages are the biggest talking points right now?

No-alcohol spirits

A teetotal lifestyle combined with a conscious healthy diet is one of the latest beverage trends. The idea is for people who choose teetotalism not to have to live a cocktail-free life. The first no-alcohol spirits and ‘mocktails’ have already arrived at bars. In the USA the name ‘sober curious’ has been coined for this trend. The focus isn’t on the effects of alcohol, but on flavour. One of the great things about the new no-alcohol drinks is that they taste exactly the same as their alcoholic counterparts.

Soda pops

The trend of sugar-free drinks is gaining in momentum. Lemonaid Limette set a precedent, proving that low-sugar drinks can also be soda pops. Spritzers are another example of the new trend of naturally low-sugar beverages. Naturally cloudy and organic popular and exotic flavours such as guava, acai and passion fruit are all the rage. Additives including guarana and ginger, or spices like basil and rosemary are also jazzing up traditional ranges.


Mate tea and mate mix drinks conquered the German beverage market several years ago and their popularity has barely waned since. Mate has been consumed as a traditional tea for centuries. In recent years it has enjoyed lasting popularity as a soft drink and in mix drinks with spirits. Also, since mate contains caffeine, it is a popular addition and even alternative to energy drinks. At the same time it is a source of vitamins A, C and E, minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium, and it contains 90% more antioxidants than green tea.