Liquid trends – What drinks not to be missed

The beverage industry is colourful and has something for all tastes. The range seems limitless, but special trends continue to crystallize that inspire the market. Which drinks are currently on everyone's lips?

Which beverage trends will provide variety in the glass in 2022? Here are the top 3 novelties in the beverage industry.

Relaxed enjoyment: Drinks with CBD

Products with cannabis are on the rise: whether as oil, as a capsule or in cosmetic products – the soothing effect of cannabidiol, or CBD, has spread the word and it is driving numerous product innovations. No wonder that the trend product is now also conquering the beverage market. In the USA in particular, there are now a large number of soft drinks containing CBD. Even beer and wine do not stop at CBD and are supposed to provide relaxation for the consumers. And in Germany, too, the triumphal march of CBD in beverages can no longer be stopped.

Gin meets Coffee: Gin Tonic Coldbrew Coffee

Opposites attract - what applies to interpersonal relationships applies also to the beverage segment: Gin Tonic meets Coldbrew Coffee! Never has a gin mix been associated with more energy. That's what happens when the popular long drink meets cold-brewed coffee, resulting in a surprising taste experience. The gin and tonic with a caffeine kick has the potential to become the trend drink of summer 2022.

Without animal products - without a guilty conscience: Vegan shakes

Vegan products are highly popular and are still gaining in popularity. This applies not only to food, but also to beverages. Vegan soft drinks have already arrived in the out-of-home market. New is the shake segment, which scores with plenty of vegan innovations. Thanks to the variety of plant-based milk alternatives, there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to preparation. Coconut milk, rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk are used to prepare tasty and healthy drinks. And to be sure: no one will miss the "original”.

Image above: © Jannis Lucas / Unsplash

Bild © Justin Aikin / Unsplash