More time for the essentials

Modern kitchen technology can do a lot: It helps to save energy and can compensate for a lack of staff. We asked two exhibitors why state-of-the-art kitchen technology is a must.

Michaela Jedelhauser, Director Marketing DACH, RATIONAL AG:

„The efficiency of kitchen processes will be the dominant theme of the next few years. The assistance that modern kitchen appliances can provide in terms of efficiency and handling is enormous. Intelligent functions play an essential role in this and are more valuable than ever, especially now in times of staff shortages and energy savings. Intelligent cooking systems independently monitor cooking processes, notify staff when something needs to be stirred, for example, or lift pasta out of the water when it is 'al-dente'. This leaves the chefs more time for the value-adding activities.”


Jörg Forderer, Head of product training Germany at Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH:

„Digitalisation can make a decisive contribution to the efficient use of kitchen technology, such as dishwashing technology. With the right networkable application, all relevant data is available to users at any time in real time, e.g. the time from switching on the machine to the first wash cycle or aborted wash cycles. This type of technology makes it even easier for caterers and kitchen staff to use the technology efficiently and cost effectively.“

Image: Michaela Jedelhauser, Director Marketing DACH, RATIONAL AG © Rational AG

Image: Jörg Forderer © Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH